Playing the Guitar

Whilst playing the guitar has been popular for a great many years, it was perhaps in the 1960s when it became the most popular with almost every rock group having at least two or three guitarists in them. This, of course, made nearly every child want to learn how to play the guitar so they could hopefully become a rock superstar. Up until that time orchestras or at least small combos had been popular and they would play a large variety of instruments.

At one time, up to and even for some time after the 60s, many schools as part of their music lessons would teach children the basics to playing at least one instrument but this and music classes, in general, have started to be dropped from school curriculums but this is perhaps a mistake. Although music lessons are of course primarily to teach children about music, learning music and especially learning to play an instrument can have many other beneficial aspects for school children. It is now understood that learning music can help children’s reading abilities and music stimulates and thereby improves the part of the brain used for math. Learning an instrument can also encourage a child’s self-confidence and ability to concentrate. Children taking music classes have now been associated with higher SAT results in multiple subjects including math and reading.

Although many professional musicians today did start by learning music and an instrument in school, some learned privately in one of the many private music schools around the world. It is perhaps the ones who had private music lessons which aspired to greatness in today’s music industry. Adults who had no official music training in regular schools though, can today attend private music schools and become very talented musicians. Taking adult guitar lessons in Singapore, for instance, could result in an adult becoming a musical celebrity not only in South East Asia but globally.

Music is certainly a part of most people’s lives even if it is just as a listener but perhaps more emphasis should be placed in making the playing of a musical instrument a part of everybody’s lives. The private music schools are already playing their part in making this happen but learning an instrument at high school or even before should be a priority of every government. The benefits of learning a musical instrument go much further than just teaching someone how to play as it develops creativity, confidence and mobility skills which otherwise may not have been fully developed to their full potential.

A high emphasis is played today on learning technology subjects and in this modern world where technology is everywhere, it is essential that people do have some knowledge of it but perhaps not at the cost of more basic knowledge which traditional subjects like music and art can provide. It is at least reassuring to see that as less and less music is being taught in schools, independent music schools are appearing in enough quantities to fill the void.